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Social Media Simulations

An Insignia social media simulation gives crisis management teams the skills and confidence to manage a crisis online.

Insignia webinar: how to plan a successful crisis simulation

Practical insights and tips on how to run an effective crisis simulation exercise

How to run a successful crisis simulation exercise

Crisis management planning is a part of the solution, but even more important is rehearsal. It’s only by experiencing the pressure of a crisis simulation exercise that crisis management teams can truly build skills and confidence to make sound decisions under fire.

How social media has changed the reporting of crisis events

Every major crisis, whether a product recall, major accident or allegations of corporate fraud, has a social media element these days. This dynamic has presented a new challenge as organisations engage in crisis management planning and crisis management training.

How social media has changed crisis management

Crisis management principles have not changed because of social media. But crisis management practice has been turbo-charged.

Social media crisis simulation exercises

Social media has been embraced by many consumer facing business, but for traditional corporates and business-to-business operations, it can seem almost irrelevant. Until you suffer a crisis.