social media simulations

social media simulations

Social media crisis simulations to help you manage an online crisis

Social media crisis simulations: developing confidence to manage a  crisis online

Insignia’s crisis management consultants have been in the business of crisis communication for more than twenty years. The biggest single change in this time has been the emergence of social media in the crisis management mix. Many organisations are yet to fully understand and harness the opportunities and threats that this presents for online reputation management. That’s why a social media crisis simulation is so important in building awareness, knowledge and capability.

Social media has changed the context in which crisis communication takes place: whilst the same crisis handling principles apply, the transparency, speed and spread of a crisis has changed out of all recognition.  Equally, social media provides channels through which businesses can quickly and directly engage with their stakeholders. Whether your business is social media phobic or genuinely embraces the twitterati, a social media crisis simulation is the best way of testing how it would cope when the online world fuels or creates an issue for you. Online reputation management in a crisis is no longer an option: it is essential.

Social media crisis simulation for realistic learning

Insignia offers a highly realistic social media simulation which allows people to experience what it feels like to be in the eye of the storm – but without any of the associated danger. Delegates grapple with a social media crisis growing online and communicate with stakeholders using a range of social media channels.

Crisis management teams respond to the social media crisis simulation as they would do in the real world – getting a sense of the pressure and immediacy of this online environment. As soon as they hit the send button they can expect further online comment – whether it’s positive or negative depends entirely on how they’ve chosen to communicate. Will they exert control over the crisis or add fuel to the fire?

Social media is here to stay and it has a significant effect on organisations’ reputations in the context of crisis management. This social media crisis simulation helps to ensure you aren’t caught out by its speed and spread.

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Social media crisis simulation and its benefits

Key benefits


Understand how a social media crisis evolves through experiential learning


Practice your social media crisis response in a safe environment


Develop processes for speedy, frequent communication to protect your reputation


Finesse your tone of voice to meet the needs of social media


See the impact of different social media crisis communication strategies

Communication professionals, lawyers and business managers who have experienced the social simulator have all agreed: a social media crisis exercise is frighteningly realistic and incredibly valuable in building online reputation management skills and highlighting areas for development.


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