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Social Media Crisis Simulation Exercises

Social media has been embraced by many consumer facing business, but for traditional corporates and business-to-business operations, it can seem almost irrelevant. Until you suffer a crisis.

At that point, social media becomes critical, both as challenge and opportunity. Challenge because it spreads the crisis faster and further than ever before, creating rumour and speculation in its wake. Opportunity, as a direct channel to communicate facts, action and reassurance to stakeholders.

Crisis management skills building
Our client understood that only by rehearsing its use of social media in a crisis would it develop the crisis management skills and confidence to succeed. We developed a realistic storyline based on an environmental incident which unfolded across social media as though for real.

Using an online platform developed by our partner Polpeo, the team first determined their overall crisis communication plan and then began communicating using a range of social media channels. Their communication stimulated a reaction and further developments from the expert social media team behind the scenes.

Social media crisis management
After three hours of intense pressure and feverish activity, the exercise was halted and a de-brief held. Learnings included the need for a less formal tone of voice, the requirement to engage with people individually rather than broadcast to them and the recognition that the old style approval process didn’t work in a social media world.

The client embraced these learnings to such an extent that social media is now not only a part of its crisis communication response, but also embedded in its day to day communication.

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