Scenario planning

Scenario planning

Scenario planning to prevent and plan for key organisational risks

NEW: Scenario planning workshop for COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Insignia is supporting organisations as they prepare for and seek to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 with a specially designed COVID-19 scenario planning workshop.

The half-day workshop will help your organisation plan for future COVID-19 scenarios. Insignia’s crisis management experts facilitate the workshop which includes brainstorming the implications of the coronavirus outbreak, as well as mitigation and action planning to ensure your business is prepared.

Full details on our Coronavirus Crisis page

Confidence and capability through scenario planning

Effective crisis management requires sound decision making under pressure and the right resources to respond to a business-critical event. Scenario planning helps to address both of these challenges by taking high impact, high likelihood crisis types - for example product recalls, cyber attack, a major accident - and considering how an organisation would respond to them.

Protect your reputation

Working collaboratively with your crisis management team, Insignia will rigorously test your crisis management response to chosen scenarios. Our crisis management consultants will help you examine how an incident would likely play out and consider your best response to it. Our scenario planning exercises wil test whether proper processes, checks and safeguards exist and that the necessary communication channels are in place.  We will challenge assumptions and probe as to whether you have the necessary resources to mount a successful crisis management response. 

Just as importantly, scenario planning enables crisis management teams to rehearse their thought processes and decision-making ahead of a high pressure crisis event. Using innovative techniques such as tactical decision-making exercises we work with your crisis management team to think ahead in a structured way.

Consider crisis scenarios

Protecting your reputation under intense pressure during a crisis means making the right decisions when the heat is on. Scenario planning is an important element of crisis management planning as it saves time when you need it most and helps you make the best decisions for long term reputation protection. 

Insignia can work with you to walk through your most likely crisis scenarios (sometimes identified through a reputational risk assessment) and develop processes and resources to address them. 

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Why your values must guide your crisis response

Key benefits


A deeper understanding of how key risks could play out


The ability to identify and prevent triggers for worst case scenarios


Enhancement of strategic skills to pro-actively manage a crisis


Development of strategies to respond to priority crisis events


Identification of issues management tactics to reduce the potential for worst case scenarios

Successful scenario planning ensures that your crisis communication and emergency response plans work together and helps you to make the right calls and take swift action to emerge with your reputation intact should the worst occur.


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