Crisis management audits

Crisis management audits

Reviewing your crisis management plans and capabilities

Crisis management audits to benchmark your plans and processes

Unless they are very unlucky (or careless), business people endure at most a small handful of crises during their careers. In contrast, Insignia’s people have lost count of the incidents, issues and crises in which they have provided crisis management consultancy. As a consequence, they are uniquely well placed to share experience of the crisis management plans and processes which work most effectively in the heat of a crisis. This is often based on a crisis management audit.

Businesses often call on Insignia to provide crisis management consultancy when they’ve had an ‘it could have been us’ moment. They’ve been sitting on the sidelines when a supplier, customer or competitor has been in the middle of managing a crisis and start wondering how they’d cope if they were in the hot seat. It’s not surprising that when they do look a little deeper and examine how their business might perform they don’t like what they find.

Crisis management audits

Insignia’s crisis management audits are designed to remove this uncertainty and put any organisation in a strong position to handle a crisis whatever the future may hold.

We can also conduct meetings with crisis management team members to evaluate their confidence in the plan and ability to successfully execute it.  This means we can give you feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your crisis communication team and suggestions for training and/or coaching.

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Social media and its impact on crisis management

key benefits


Confidence that your crisis management plans are complete


Prioritised actions to enhance your crisis management plan


Benchmark your crisis management plan against best practice


Identify and address new trends in crisis resilience


Independent verification of your crisis management capability

A crisis communication audit ensures that a crisis management plan which may have been sitting in a desk drawer for several years, is still capable of protecting your reputation at the most testing of times.


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