Crisis management plans

Crisis management plans

Developing crisis management plans for reputation protection

Crisis management plans to help you do and say the right thing 

No organisation is immune to crisis. No one expects it to be. But what they do expect is that its people should manage incidents professionally and in keeping with the organisation’s values based on a well conceived crisis management plan. Do this and reputation will be preserved. Fail to do so and you will be punished.

A clear and simple crisis management plan outlining the key steps to take in the event of an incident or issue is the starting point for successful reputation protection.

Protecting your reputation through crisis management planning

Insignia develops crisis management plans and processes to help you respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an incident or issue. Crisis management plans are based on industry best practice and our experience of from working with many leading global organisations, but they are always tailored to the precise requirements of each client.

Crisis management plans include:

  • Key principles and policies for crisis management
  • Crisis management team activation process
  • Guidelines to help shape crisis communication strategy
  • Checklists and tables for developing, implementing and logging crisis communication tactics
  • Template crisis communication materials e.g. holding statements and positioning papers
  • The appropriate online infrastructure for crisis communication
  • Key contacts

The key requirement of a crisis management plan is that it should be easy to apply by the crisis management team under intense pressure during a live crisis. Our experience in crisis handling – as well as crisis management training – means that we bring a deep understanding of what works in a crisis management plan, and what doesn’t. We develop practical plans which help organisations do and say the right thing under the most intense pressure.

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Why your values must guide your crisis response

Key benefits


Swift, appropriate decision-making under pressure


Structure to help restore order out of chaos


Checklists to ensure critical actions take place


Clarity of roles and responsibilities in a crisis


All your crisis management resources and materials in one place

A reputation takes years to create and hours to destroy. Having a comprehensive and up to date crisis management plan is the crucial first step to ensuring reputation protection.


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We take to privacy seriously and we do not share details with third parties, full details can be found on our privacy policy page.

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