Crisis media training

Crisis media training

Crisis media training to develop confident, effective spokespeople

Crisis media training to building skills and confidence to communicate in a crisis

Communicating effectively about risk is one of the biggest challenges faced by a media spokesperson. Academic research commissioned by Insignia identified the key ingredients of a successful risk communicator. These insights have been used to create an approach to crisis media training which provides the skills and techniques media spokespeople need to communicate effectively under pressure.

Crisis media training sessions can last from a couple of hours to a full day and should ideally be completed ahead of a full crisis simulation. Building on the structure of our media training courses you can expect a mix of theory and practical exercises with a focus on best practice for communicating during crisis.

Throughout the crisis media training we will demonstrate how other businesses have communicated during their own times of crisis. Using footage from the media we will illustrate crisis communication best practice and just how easy it is to get it wrong.

Realistic scenarios to bring crisis media training to life

The practical element of the crisis media training course is focused on one or more crisis scenarios relevant to your business. Whether it’s an explosion at a company site or a business security breach we give delegates the opportunity to test how their media spokespeople would perform when the pressure is really on. Everyone receives individual feedback and tips on how to be an effective crisis spokesperson in order to protect an organisation’s reputation.

Insignia’s crisis media training can be run as a one to one session for your key crisis spokesperson right through to large groups as part of your crisis management training programme. Either way, the sessions ensure that your crisis spokespeople are better placed to get their message through when it matters most.

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The four questions you will be asked in every crisis interview

Key benefits


Confident, empathetic spokespeople capable of protecting your reputation under pressure


Experience through realistic role plays of crisis media interviews


Key techniques to make sure your message is heard


Constructive feedback to help crisis spokespeople build their skills and confidence


Identification of your ‘star performers’ as crisis media spokespeople


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