Reputational risk assessments

Reputational risk assessments

Reputational risk assessments to address your vulnerabilities

Reputational risk assessments to plan for the risks which can hurt you most

Insignia passionately believes that the most effective crisis management takes place before the event occurs. Running a reputational risk assessment is the first step in crisis management planning and therefore reputation protection.

Insignia’s consultants run reputational risk assessments which identify and prioritise events, incidents and issues which could threaten an organisation’s reputation.  Of course, we cover obvious events like fire, product recall and environmental incidents but by applying an innovative approach and the skills of our experienced consultants, we tease out many other reputational risks that would otherwise remain buried within the organisation.

Assessing reputational risks from the outside in

In addition to utilising the knowledge of company insiders to identify likely risks, we also examine businesses from an external standpoint and uncover additional risks that conventional audits can overlook.  Insignia consultants have worked throughout the world providing crisis communications advice to help organisations navigate their way through a crisis and we will apply our own insight and experience to assess the risks facing your organisation.

The risk landscape revealed by the reputational risk assessment leads on to action planning to remove, reduce or management your key reputational risks. Our recommendations will form the basis for further crisis communication planning, crisis management plans and materials based on high priority risks.

The experience of our clients shows that by identifying risks and developing crisis communication plans to deal with them, businesses can significantly enhance their resilience to crises.

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Why reputational risk is often under estimated

Key benefits


Understanding of the risks which could damage you most


Action plans to reduce the likelihood and impact of key risks


Scenario planning to respond more effectively if a risk emerges


Identification of the risks which strike at the heart of your reputation


Development of a strong platform for broader crisis management planning


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We take to privacy seriously and we do not share details with third parties, full details can be found on our privacy policy page.

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