How to run a successful crisis simulation exercise

October 27, 2016 by Jonathan Hemus

run a successful crisis simulation exercise

Why is it that successful businesses run by smart people sometimes fail to respond effectively to a crisis?

One of the most important reasons is simply a lack of practice. Crises by their very nature are rare and extreme events which (hopefully) only come along once or twice in an executive’s career.

The pressure of crisis management

So it’s not surprising that managers lack the skills and confidence to do and say the right thing when the worst happens. It’s a challenge which is multiplied by the fact that decisions need to be made quickly, without full information, under intense pressure and with the future of an organization (not to say careers) on the line.

It’s no wonder that mistakes are sometimes made.

Crisis management exercises

Crisis management planning is a part of the solution, but even more important is the rehearsal. It’s only by experiencing the pressure of a crisis simulation exercise that crisis management teams can truly build skills and confidence to make sound decisions under fire.

Managing a major crisis is like performing on a world stage with everyone’s eyes trained on you. No one should take to such a stage without a full dress rehearsal.

For tips on how to plan and run a successful crisis simulation exercise, download our checklist via the resource below.