Insignia webinar, 1pm, December 1: how to run a successful crisis simulation 

November 13, 2015 by Jonathan Hemus

The critical importance of realistic crisis simulations was reinforced in Justin King’s recent review of Thomas Cook’s crisis management. In his report, he recommended that “simulations should be staged” and called for a regular review of “the implementation of training in its crisis management process”. 

Well executed crisis simulations as part of crisis management training programmes build people’s confidence and capability to manage real incidents. But they are challenging to develop, implement and learn from. That’s why some organisations choose not to run them at all, whilst others fail to derive the value they should. 

In our latest webinar we will share clear, actionable principles required to run a successful crisis simulation. You can register by clicking here.

It will cover: 

·         Defining clear objectives

·         Identifying the best exercise format

·         How to select the right exercise scenario

·         Managing logistics

·         How to achieve realism

·         Running a successful de-brief

·         How to embed learnings

 A crisis is a defining moment in an organisation’s history: making the right decisions at that time will determine its fate. This webinar will explain how to run crisis simulations which help crisis management teams do and say the right thing under intense pressure.

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