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Introducing Insignia 

Leaders of successful, dynamic businesses who recognise the importance of protecting their reputation, turn to Insignia for crisis management training, crisis management planning and consultancy.  Founded in 2008, Insignia gives leaders the confidence and skills to successfully manage organisation-threatening situations under intense pressure.

Crisis Management Services

We offer a range of high quality crisis management services and products around the world, whether delivered personally by our team of insightful consultants who are experts in their field, through technology or via one of our team of specialist partners.

What makes us different?

Clients trust Insignia to protect their reputations not just because of our deep expertise in crisis management, but also because of the way that we work with them.

Our Vision

Insignia’s vision is of a world in which mishandled crises have been eradicated so that people and organisations around the world are safer, more secure and protected from harm.

Our Purpose

We believe all organisations should be ready to prevent or overcome crises so they can avoid the damage to lives, livelihoods, business and reputation caused by a mishandled crisis.

Our Mission

Insignia’s mission is to give leaders and their teams the resources, knowledge, capability, confidence and insight to ensure they do and say the right things when a crisis strikes

Our values

Trust & Respect

We always do what we say we will do to the very best of our ability. Our motivation is to help clients, not to sell to them.  We listen carefully to clients to understand what is uniquely important to them and reflect this in the way that we work together. We always act with integrity.

Backbone & Heart

We care deeply about our clients and give them our best advice, even if it’s not what they want to hear.  We’ll be brave in telling people the truth, but will do so in a respectful and constructive manner.  

Passion With Purpose

We are enthusiastic and positive people, excited by the opportunity to make a difference for our clients. Once our objectives are clear, we set about achieving them with energy, passion and determination to succeed.

What Else…What Next…What More

We’re never satisfied with what we’ve already achieved.  We’re always looking for something more, new or different we can do to help our clients.