Would you pass the crisis management leadership test?

October 19, 2016 by Jonathan Hemus

When a crisis breaks, for all the crisis management planning and training that has taken place beforehand, reputations are preserved or destroyed as a result of what people do and say under intense pressure.

On the worst day of their lives, leaders must rise to this challenge, or risk losing everything. Some reinforce their reputation whilst others – step forward BP’s Tony Hayward – are forever damaged by their time in the crisis spotlight.

Successful crisis leadership

So what makes for a successful crisis leader?

The video above outlines and explains 10 principles for crisis leadership, but if you can’t spare five minutes to watch it, the headlines are as follows:

  1. Create a crisis resistant culture
  2. Beware denial
  3. Be true to your values
  4. Set the communication agenda
  5. Take responsibility for decision-making
  6. Never hide behind your advisors
  7. Be visible
  8. Be personal
  9. It’s not about you
  10. Do the right thing; say the right thing

If you want to know more about crisis leadership, download our report which examines the ten principles for successful crisis leadership in more detail.