Dartington Hall

Vaughan Lindsay, Chief executive

“Whilst we knew that we needed media training, it’s a real challenge to secure the commitment and attention of a busy senior management team for a whole day. The Insignia team exceeded our expectations in this regard, delivering a session which not only sharpened our media handling skills, but went well beyond this. Their input helped us to think about our core narrative in a different way, made us re-evaluate the messages we communicate about ourselves and provided invaluable guidance in how to deal with the tricky issues which face us from time to time.

The impact of the session went way beyond dealing with the media: it focused our attention much more broadly on how we position ourselves and communicate with our many stakeholders. The greatest compliment I can pay Insignia is that they kept our directors so engaged and enthusiastic that far from trying to slip away early, they finished the session wanting more. A memorable and incredibly valuable day which will help to shape our future thinking.”