Crisis communication: making the most of the ‘Golden Hour’

June 13, 2017 by Jonathan Hemus

Webinar invitation: 1pm, Tuesday 11 July, 2017

In our latest webinar, Insignia’s managing director Jonathan Hemus, will reveal the critical actions which organisations should take in the first 60 minutes of a crisis (the ‘golden hour’).

Minute by minute, he will explain how to make best use of this crucial time window including:

  •  The first steps you must take when a crisis emerges
  •  The resources you must have at your fingertips before the crisis breaks
  •  What and how to communicate in the golden hour
  •  Key decisions which must be made in the first hour
  •  Ways of working to stay ahead of the crisis when time is tight

What you do and say in the first hour of a crisis can define how you emerge at the end of it. Sign up for our webinar to ensure that you make the most of this critical period.

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