Crisis communication in a new era of reputational risk

September 6, 2017 by Jonathan Hemus

Webinar invitation: 1pm, Tuesday 3 October 2017

Traditionally, crisis management focused on responding to events like accidents, fires and IT outages. Whilst physical incidents remain an essential part of crisis management planning, the storm surrounding United Airlines’ removal of a passenger from an over-booked flight, VW’s emissions scandal and Bell Pottinger’s current difficulties are all symptomatic of a new era of reputational risk.

In our latest webinar, Insignia’s Jonathan Hemus will discuss how organisations can plan for and respond to these new challenges including:

  • How and why the risk landscape has changed
  • Insights and implications from recent cases
  • The impact of a reputational crisis
  • Practical steps to prevent a reputational crisis
  • How to respond and emerge with your good name intact

Reputational risks pose the single biggest challenge to crisis managers today. Sign up for our webinar to ensure that you understand how best to protect your organisation from reputational risk.

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