Case Studies


Crisis Management Plans

When you operate multiple sites around the world in a high risk sector, having a clear, simple and workable crisis management plan is essential.

Crisis management planning
This client approached us to develop a new suite of crisis management plans to cover head office and its operating sites. Working with the project sponsor we created a framework which ensured that the roles and responsibilities of head office versus sites was clear, a crucial first step in successful crisis management.

Based on this structure, we developed a concise plan format based on clear checklists, flowcharts and guidelines. Whilst consistency between plans was essential to ensure effective teamwork in a crisis, detailed content (contact lists, local regulations etc) was tailored per site. To help with this process, we created and trained a team of crisis coordinators to champion crisis management across the company.

Crisis simulation exercises
The plans were introduced via a structured programme of briefings, desktop exercises and crisis simulation exercises. The client hopes that they never have to be used, but know that they have the procedures, guidelines and resources they need to work effectively together and make good decisions if they do.

What our clients say about our crisis management services