Case Studies


Crisis Exercise

When you operate in the food sector, a crisis is an ever-present possibility so being ready to manage it professionally is a pre-requisite. Our client already had a crisis management plan, but wanted to be sure that it was fit for purpose and that team members were confident to apply it.

Rather than leaping straight to a crisis simulation exercise (which would have set the team up to fail) we recommended a Crisis exercise instead. Working with the client we developed a realistic scenario against which the plan could be exercised.

Crisis management planning
With the team gathered together we facilitated a walkthrough of the crisis management plan, applying every section to the scenario we had devised. At each stage we encouraged participants to consider how the plan would work in practice and so identified gaps, flaws, omissions and unnecessary complexity.

The Crisis exercise served a dual purpose in the client’s crisis management planning process: it created an action plan for enhancement of their crisis management manual, and individuals who were much clearer and confident about their roles in the crisis management team.

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