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WEBINAR - Cyber Crime Communication: Planning A Successful Response

Hear Insignia’s Jonathan Hemus outline the cyber crisis communication planning and training programme to ensure organisations are ready for cyber attack.

The reputational impact of a cyber-attack

Our MD, Jonathan Hemus, takes a look at the reputational impact of a cyber-attack and how best to plan and prepare for a cyber scenario

Cyber attacks are inevitable – it’s how you respond that counts

In this blog, Jonathan Hemus, managing director of Insignia, looks at the reputational impact that cyber-attacks can have on an organisation

Why crisis management is a year-round responsibility - just ask Marriot

Consultant, Alex Johnson, writes about the lessons that can be learned from Marriot's data breach and why organisations should regularly plan and rehearse for crises

Clone wars: how marketers are confronting the reality of cyber attacks

Our MD, Jonathan Hemus, shares his views with The Drum on how organisations should plan and prepare for the worst-case scenarios, in peacetime, to ensure a successful response when a crisis does strike