Managing Terrorism Risks – Protect Your Organisation

January 10, 2018 by Jonathan Hemus

Webinar invitation: 1pm, Wednesday 31st January 2018

Insignia’s first webinar of 2018 takes place at 1pm on 31 January and will reveal what organisations can do to plan, train, rehearse and respond to the threat of terrorism.

With expert insight from CHC Global’s Chris Holt who works with organisations to manage the risks posed by terrorism, the webinar will cover:

  • Lessons from how businesses responded to terrorist attacks in 2017
  • The human, operational, financial and reputational impact of terrorism
  • Accessing and making sense of information before and during an incident
  • Principles for developing your terrorist incident response plan and team
  • Decision-making under severe pressure
  • Communicating effectively with key stakeholders
  • Why and how to rehearse for a terror attack

Sign up for our webinar to learn from the experiences of businesses caught up in 2017’s terror attacks and help you do and say the right things should the worst occur.

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