Commonwealth Games England

Paul Blanchard, Chief Executive

“Participation in a major event like the 2022 Commonwealth Games brings with it a multitude of potential risks so it was important we were ready to respond quickly and effectively should a major issue arise. Insignia worked closely with our board and communication team to develop a comprehensive yet practical crisis communication plan to guide our response to an incident. Through their deep expertise and the way in which they engaged with our people, they quickly won trust, respect and confidence at a senior level of our organisation.

During the Games, Insignia maintained daily contact with our in-house team and provided valuable advice on potential issues which, thankfully, never escalated. Knowing that Insignia had put in place a robust crisis response plan and were ready to advise and support should the need arise, provided tremendous reassurance at a very important time. They were a pleasure to deal with and it was enormously comforting to know that should the worst happen, we were in very good hands.”

Paul Blanchard