Navigating a cyber-attack: crisis management principles

One-hour webinar:  1pm, Tuesday 25 February 2020

A cyber-attack is every company’s worst nightmare. Systems are down, critical data is at risk and criminals are demanding huge sums of money to return to business as usual.

The Travelex cyber-attack is a stark reminder of not only how debilitating cyber-crime can be, but also how a company’s response can have significant reputational repercussions.

In this webinar, Insignia Managing Director, Jonathan Hemus, will explain the crisis management principles behind a successful response to a cyber incident.

This free webinar will cover:

  • How to assess the potential reputational impacts of cyber crime
  • Who to have on your cyber incident response team
  • The communication materials you should prepare beforehand
  • How scenario planning can help you make quicker and better decisions in the event of an incident
  • Why cyber-crime simulation exercises are essential
  • A messaging framework to use in the event of a breach

Cyber-crime is fast becoming a norm. Companies are judged less by being a victim of an attack, but more by how they respond. This webinar will ensure you are ready respond in the right way.


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