Roquette UK Ltd

Chris Scarrott, Chief Executive

Roquette UK Ltd hoped to develop a Crisis Management Training Day that went beyond a simple rehearsal of our Crisis Management Plan to also enable development of the management, teamwork and leadership skills required to succeed under pressure in a crisis situation. Insignia understood exactly our business needs and developed a bespoke training package which included tactical decision-making, a press conference, team building exercises and even fire-fighting. We found it to be an exhausting but hugely valuable day.

Insignia’s expertise in crisis management training was evident, providing insights and tools which we will be able to apply in our business. The team was professional and flexible throughout the entire project and they gave us confidence that they knew exactly what they were doing. On the day, Insignia delivered an outstanding training experience which was not only valuable, but also memorable.

The true value of the training session was demonstrated just 24 hours later when an incident occurred; the skills and thought processes rehearsed during training were applied for real and the situation was quickly resolved.

Our senior management team is now equipped with greater knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully deal with an incident and based on the success of the initial training session we are planning to rollout the training to the next level of management.