McDonalds CEO gives textbook performance

May 13, 2013 by Insignis

After watching countless spokespeople over recent weeks dodge the issue of the food industry’s ever expanding supply chain it was refreshing to see Jill McDonald, CEO of McDonald’s, tackle it head on in an interview for BBC Breakfast on Friday. Not only did she answer the questions asked (a rare thing indeed!) she showcased all the techniques and skills that make someone a great spokesperson: good eye contact, positive body language and subtle bridging from challenging questions on to her key messages.

Most importantly she came across as a warm and empathetic individual and showed a human side to this global giant. It’s clear that she had received media training, but the kind which encourages personality and authenticity rather than squeezes the life out of it.

As an example of clear and engaging communication – and pro-active issues management –  it’s an example that other CEOs would do well to follow.

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