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Can a company succeed with a toxic reputation?

Uber’s route to the top has been pockmarked with scandal, but is the controversial taxi start-up reputation-proof?

Crisis Management on a Grand National Scale: The (Horse) Power Of Email

The horse meat scandal has already had its first victims. The article from dotDigital Group, which features Jonathan Hemus' key contribution...

Don’t bury your head in the sand

With the horse meat scandal engulfing two of the UK’s largest food businesses, it's the time for the whole food industry to be checking...

The European Horsemeat Scandal - Insights and Analysis

Jonathan Hemus shares his thoughts a year on from the outbreak of the horsemeat scandal.

In the ‘Horsegate’ hotseat: our experts score the CEOs

'The Grocer' looks at how supermarket CEOs responded to and communicated during the horse meat scandal.

Crisis management lessons from the VW emissions scandal

Crisis management learnings from the VW emissions scandal.

How damaging Is the emissions scandal to Volkswagen?

Jonathan Hemus speaks to Bloomberg about the Volkswagen cheating scandal and the implications for the company

Why VW's emissions scandal was a crisis waiting to happen

Why VW's emissions scandla was a crisis waiting to happen

Be prepared: why winter flooding is a wake up call for all businesses

Jonathan Hemus talks about this winter’s floods in the North of England and how to plan for disruption and unexpected crises.

Presidents Club: Learn from the scandal or risk reputational catastrophe

Our managing director, Jonathan Hemus, writing about the Presidents Club in Management Today, warns that organisations should learn from the scandal or risk reputational catastrophe

Lessons from Oxfam

Insignia's managing director, Jonathan Hemus, takes a look at the lessons that can be learnt from the Oxfam scandal and how you can prepare your organisation for a crisis involving inappropriate employee behaviour

Surviving a scandal: how to keep morale high in low times

Surviving a scandal: how to keep morale high in low times