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Crisis Management Planning

Insignia's expertise in crisis management planning includes reputational risk assessment, scenario planning and crisis management audits and plans.

Reputational Risk Assessments

Insignia’s consultants run reputational risk assessments which identify and prioritise events and issues which could threaten an organisation’s reputation.


Insignia's crisis management training, planning and consultancy services help businesses protect their reputations.


Our clients talk about their experience of working with Insignia

Cyber Crisis Planning

Insignia's cyber crisis management planning will help your organisation to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an incident or issue.

Case Studies

Crisis management case studies from exercises, training and planning sessions Insignia has run for clients. To learn more about how we can help your business please call +44(0)121 382 5304.

Executive director, Alison Banks, Core Assets

Insignia guided us through a reputational risk assessment which enabled us to look at our risk landscape in a different way and ensure that our reputation is thoroughly protected.

Sue Boxall, Vice President HR, Lundin Mining Corporation

Insignia brings professionalism to a critical business issue. There are few more challenging issues than crisis management and Jonathan and the Insignia team has worked with us as partners to achieve the creation of a sound platform of capability and process on a global basis.

Rachael Bouch, General Manager, Pukka Pies

Thank you for the really valuable scenario planning workshop you developed and ran for Pukka Pies. We asked you to ensure that our management team was engaged throughout the workshop, and to provide expertise on how to enhance our crisis preparedness. You exceeded our expectations on both counts.

Reputational risk assessment

Everyone understands that a major sponsorship deal presents a massive marketing opportunity.

Risk assessments: the first step in reputation protection

Risk assessments: the first step in reputation protection

Be prepared: why winter flooding is a wake up call for all businesses

Jonathan Hemus talks about this winter’s floods in the North of England and how to plan for disruption and unexpected crises.

How social media has changed the reporting of crisis events

Every major crisis, whether a product recall, major accident or allegations of corporate fraud, has a social media element these days. This dynamic has presented a new challenge as organisations engage in crisis management planning and crisis management training.

Why communication is essential for business recovery from a crisis

It’s natural to assume that the secret to successful crisis management (and reputation protection) is fixing the underlying problem. But that’s only half the solution.

Why reputational risk is often under-estimated

If you work for a scientifically, technically or operationally focused organization, chances are, you are well versed in the concept of risk assessment. Ironically, working for an organization of this type can also leave you blind-sided to some of the most critical risks, those related to reputation

United’s woes reveal the critical importance of preparing for reputational risk

United’s woes reveal the critical importance of preparing for reputational risk

Presidents Club: Learn from the scandal or risk reputational catastrophe

Our managing director, Jonathan Hemus, writing about the Presidents Club in Management Today, warns that organisations should learn from the scandal or risk reputational catastrophe

Protecting your reputation during an international crisis

Insignia's managing director, Jonathan Hemus, discusses how to protect your reputation during an international crisis

How crisis management planning can ensure a happy new year

Our managing director, Jonathan Hemus, explores what crisis planning organisations should be doing as we head into the New Year

How to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment

Coronavirus has changed everything, including the risk landscape in which businesses are operating. With many weakened by the impact of COVID-19, a second crisis in quick succession could have catastrophic results, meaning re-evaluating risks should be a top priority right now.