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Rachael Bouch, General Manager, Pukka Pies

Thank you for the really valuable scenario planning workshop you developed and ran for Pukka Pies. We asked you to ensure that our management team was engaged throughout the workshop, and to provide expertise on how to enhance our crisis preparedness. You exceeded our expectations on both counts.

Military lessons for corporate crisis management success

Military lessons for corporate crisis management success

Crisis management the acid test of leadership

In this blog we summarise the principles and share the words of leaders at the frontline to illustrate how the principles have influenced their crisis response.

Thomas Cook's crisis management review: vital reading for crisis managers

Why Justin King's report into Thomas Cook's crisis management is essential reading for crisis managers

Be prepared: why winter flooding is a wake up call for all businesses

Jonathan Hemus talks about this winter’s floods in the North of England and how to plan for disruption and unexpected crises.

How social media has changed crisis management

Crisis management principles have not changed because of social media. But crisis management practice has been turbo-charged.

Why all businesses should run a social media simulation

Grappling with the challenge of social media – especially for traditional businesses – is difficult given the intense pressure of a crisis which is why a social media simulation can be a good idea as part of your crisis management planning.

Why communication is essential for business recovery from a crisis

It’s natural to assume that the secret to successful crisis management (and reputation protection) is fixing the underlying problem. But that’s only half the solution.

Why reputational risk is often under-estimated

If you work for a scientifically, technically or operationally focused organization, chances are, you are well versed in the concept of risk assessment. Ironically, working for an organization of this type can also leave you blind-sided to some of the most critical risks, those related to reputation

WEBINAR – How to work effectively with the police in a crisis

Former Police Superintendent Paul Breed and Amanda Coleman, head of corporate communications at Greater Manchester Police, share insiders’ insights on how the police manage a major incident.

How to avoid turning a media interview into a crisis

Consultant, Joe Hawke, takes a look at how you can avoid turning a seemingly positive media interview into a crisis

Crisis experts respond as Bayer suspends agency over controversial list

Jonathan Hemus, managing director of Insignia, shares his views with PR Week on Bayer's evolving crisis

How to prepare for the worst day of your career

Jonathan Hemus, MD of Insignia, and Jonathan Edwards, partner at Clyde & Co, talk to Strategic Risk about how to prepare for a crisis