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Sophie Hunt

A seasoned PR professional, Sophie Hunt has spent more than 15 years delivering communications consultancy to some of the UK’s biggest names.

Cyber Crisis Planning

Insignia's cyber crisis management planning will help your organisation to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an incident or issue.

Cyber crime communication: planning a successful response

Practical advice for cyber crisis planning and training to ensure you do and say the right things in the event of a data breach.

WEBINAR - Cyber Crime Communication: Planning A Successful Response

The cyber crisis planning and training steps organisations should take to prepare for cyber attack.

Crisis experts respond as Bayer suspends agency over controversial list

Jonathan Hemus, managing director of Insignia, shares his views with PR Week on Bayer's evolving crisis

Crisis? What crisis? Why recognition is critical

Insignia's MD, Jonathan Hemus, provides commentary on how organisations can rebuild their reputation following a crisis

Drone attacks highlight why it pays to invest in crisis planning, training and exercising

Consultant, Sophie Hunt, takes a look at the drone crisis facing UK airports, explaining why it's critical that organisations plan, train and exercise

How to handle a PR crisis in the age of call-out culture

Insignia's managing director, Jonathan Hemus, talks to Business of Fashion about crisis communication and planning for the worst-case scenarios

Three things to focus on in a crisis - and one which you must not

Representing your organization in front of the media during a crisis is a daunting prospect: make sure that you give yourself the best chance by deploying messages which demonstrate empathy for your stakeholders.

How to secure executive buy-in for crisis planning

How to secure executive buy-in for crisis planning

How crisis management planning can ensure a happy new year

Our managing director, Jonathan Hemus, explores what crisis planning organisations should be doing as we head into the New Year

Civil Aviation Authority flying the flag for crisis planning

The Civil Aviation Authority’s response to the Thomas Cook collapse demonstrates the importance of crisis planning

Crisis planning: shutting the stable door before the horse has bolted

Crisis planning: shutting the stable door before the horse has bolted

Placing values at the heart of crisis management

Insignia consultant, Jenny Payne, looks at why organisations must stick to their values when managing a crisis