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Social Media Simulations

An Insignia social media simulation gives crisis management teams the skills and confidence to manage a crisis online.

Kate Hudson, Associate Programme Director, Henley Business School

Insignia was recommended to us because of their specialist expertise in crisis management and media handling, and their ability to deliver a high quality learning experience for a group of very senior, intelligent and ambitious participants.

How social media has changed the reporting of crisis events

Every major crisis, whether a product recall, major accident or allegations of corporate fraud, has a social media element these days. This dynamic has presented a new challenge as organisations engage in crisis management planning and crisis management training.

How social media has changed crisis management

Crisis management principles have not changed because of social media. But crisis management practice has been turbo-charged.

Gary Blissett, Executive director, GB Training

Thank you for all your help in putting together and delivering last week’s event. I thought it was the epitome of professionalism and clearly you are all incredibly knowledgeable in your field.

Danielle R. Del Rosario, Head of Corporate Affairs, Trans-Asia Energy

Without a doubt, I really enjoyed our 2-day workshop: I feel significantly more confident now that I can initiate our crisis communication planning. Thank you for your time, patience and wonderful teaching style.