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Crisis Handling

Insignia offers crisis handling and crisis communication support, ensuring you do and say the right thing under pressure. Call us on +44(0)121 382 5304

Sue Boxall, Vice President HR, Lundin Mining Corporation

Insignia brings professionalism to a critical business issue. There are few more challenging issues than crisis management and Jonathan and the Insignia team has worked with us as partners to achieve the creation of a sound platform of capability and process on a global basis.

Paul Newman, VP and director of global external relations, Gillette/Procter & Gamble

Jonathan Hemus always provided me and my teams with outstanding communications counsel. His advice and support had a measurable positive impact on our business and reputation.

Bruce McKendrick, Chief Executive, Voyage Care

Bruce McKendrick: When I joined Voyage Care in 2010, my vision was to create a dynamic business. Insignia has helped us towards achieving this goal.

How to prepare for a social media crisis - webinar recording

Insignia recently hosted a webinar discussing the new threats of social media and the potential impact they can have on crisis management planning, crisis communication training and crisis handling. Listen to the presentation to learn the latest insights.

Military lessons for corporate crisis management success

Military lessons for corporate crisis management success

Crisis management the acid test of leadership

In this blog we summarise the principles and share the words of leaders at the frontline to illustrate how the principles have influenced their crisis response.

When crisis management training transforms into crisis handling

When crisis management training transforms into crisis handling

Why the creation of a crisis-resistant culture is your first step in crisis prevention

There are many steps that an organisation can take to ensure that it is ready to do and say the right thing in the event of a crisis. Crisis management planning, crisis management training, exercising and testing often form the heart of this.

How to run a successful crisis simulation exercise

Crisis management planning is a part of the solution, but even more important is rehearsal. It’s only by experiencing the pressure of a crisis simulation exercise that crisis management teams can truly build skills and confidence to make sound decisions under fire.

Planning to care for people when crisis strikes

Families, employees, customers and clients may all suffer psychological trauma as a result of an incident. Being ready to support them is not only the responsible thing to do, it is also the starting point for effective crisis management.

Why social media requires a new relationship between legal and communication advisors

As more information about an organisation is created and shared on social media, the frequency of reputational crises has also increased. It is no surprise that mistakes happen – people get defamed, privacy gets invaded and intellectual property rights get breached.

Would you pass the crisis management leadership test?

When a crisis breaks, for all the crisis management planning and training that has taken place beforehand, reputations are preserved or destroyed as a result of what people do and say under intense pressure.

Why all businesses should run a social media simulation

Grappling with the challenge of social media – especially for traditional businesses – is difficult given the intense pressure of a crisis which is why a social media simulation can be a good idea as part of your crisis management planning.

Three things to focus on in a crisis - and one which you must not

Representing your organization in front of the media during a crisis is a daunting prospect: make sure that you give yourself the best chance by deploying messages which demonstrate empathy for your stakeholders.

Four reasons to communicate quickly and proactively in a crisis

Crisis has struck your business and it’s the worst day of your working life. The last thing you want to do is talk to people about it.

Why your values must guide your crisis response

Your chances of mounting a successful crisis management response will be significantly increased if you have engaged in crisis management planning and crisis management training beforehand.


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