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Crisis Workshop

A crisis management workshop with Insignia Communications delivers an interactive experience that builds an organisation's resilience to crisis.

Rachael Bouch, General Manager, Pukka Pies

Thank you for the really valuable scenario planning workshop you developed and ran for Pukka Pies. We asked you to ensure that our management team was engaged throughout the workshop, and to provide expertise on how to enhance our crisis preparedness. You exceeded our expectations on both counts.

Jackie Bowry, Commercial Marketing & Communications Executive, London Luton Airport

We are very pleased with the new crisis communication plan and the way in which the Insignia team has managed the project.

Kate Hudson, Associate Programme Director, Henley Business School

Insignia was recommended to us because of their specialist expertise in crisis management and media handling, and their ability to deliver a high quality learning experience for a group of very senior, intelligent and ambitious participants.

Kev Klamm, Head of IT, Ageas Protect

Many thanks for the high quality crisis simulation exercise you delivered, and most importantly for giving it that air of realism. The exercise created quite a buzz within the senior management team and we have derived great benefit from it. We will take the learning forward into our crisis manageme

Vaughan Lindsay, Chief executive, Dartington Hall

Whilst we knew that we needed media training, it’s a real challenge to secure the commitment and attention of a busy senior management team for a whole day. The Insignia team exceeded our expectations in this regard, delivering a session which not only sharpened our media handling skills, but went w

Chris Scarrott, Chief Executive, Roquette UK Ltd

Insignia understood exactly our business needs and developed a bespoke training package which included tactical decision-making, a press conference, team building exercises and even fire-fighting. We found it to be an exhausting but hugely valuable day.

Jon Waples, Business continuity consultant

It was a pleasure doing business with you on this project. The dynamism and energy you applied to the task was impressive: your response to a challenging timescale and delivery of the crisis exercise on the day single Insignia out as a perfect partner for this kind of activity.

Crisis Management Workshop

Our client, a professional services firm, has a strong and effective communication team. Like most successful organisations, it spends most of its time focusing on positive.

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Jonathan Hemus runs a 2-day crisis management workshop in Dubai.

Why the creation of a crisis-resistant culture is your first step in crisis prevention

There are many steps that an organisation can take to ensure that it is ready to do and say the right thing in the event of a crisis. Crisis management planning, crisis management training, exercising and testing often form the heart of this.

Gary Blissett, Executive director, GB Training

Thank you for all your help in putting together and delivering last week’s event. I thought it was the epitome of professionalism and clearly you are all incredibly knowledgeable in your field.

Danielle R. Del Rosario, Head of Corporate Affairs, Trans-Asia Energy

Without a doubt, I really enjoyed our 2-day workshop: I feel significantly more confident now that I can initiate our crisis communication planning. Thank you for your time, patience and wonderful teaching style.